Andrew Murray & Reflex Le Roque UNITE.

After the tragic loss of Sy Sylver, we wondered if Reflex Le Roque would continue to command the stage with his signature blend of DJ and live electric guitar. With two months past, Andrew Murray and LeRoque met in Norway and decided to continue along the path. The two have joined forces and immediately set high goals for the upcoming year.
Andrew Murray is a member of the UK band, Eye Emma Jedi, a pro skater and a seasoned electric guitarist. He has been recognized by the Paul McCartney School of Music as one of the most talented rising musicians today. This Norwegian born rock star has been spotted as the “young Jimi Hendrix”.
LeRoque has recently joined forces with Wyclef Jean and Refugee Sound. The young DJ/producer is hard at work, hand-crafting his style and designing a live performance that will energize stages worldwide. He is bringing over 10 years of party rocking at high end nightclubs and special events to the main stage. We can expect to see him emerge on the rosters of popular festivals and headlining his own shows on tour with “REVIBE THE NATION” in the near future….
To get booking rates, email:
picture (left to right): Ehsan Poursharif (tour manager), Andrew Murray, Hilde Stromsvag (artist), Reflex Le Roque



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